Acid Reflux More Than Heartburn – Lose Your Voice

Acid reflux can bring on what seems like a mild cold or the flu. People can

experience a raspy cough, a sore throat, and possibly laryngitus. However, with

a cold these symptoms can last about a few days or so, then disappear. Symptoms

that remain for longer periods may be an indication of acid reflux. Other

additional symptoms may include an upset stomach, burning sensations after

eating highly acidic, greasy or fatty foods, and possible headaches. If this is

the case then medical treatment needs to sought as further medical problems can

develop that can cause permanent damage.

The sore throat results from acid traveling from the stomach into the esophagus

and even the lungs. The acid mixes with the mouth’s saliva, which contains

digestive enzymes, and can cause voice loss. It can also result in a feeling of

lack of breath or shortness of it because the condition hinders the amount of

air getting into the area for speech. Then, the vocal chords become strained

and damaged. The voice can become deep, thin or just a whisper.

What most people do not realize is that the damage from acid reflux can extend to

the lungs and heart. The only way to combat this is to get medical help. The

first step in healing is a diet change. Acidic foods like citric fruits and

vegetables have to be avoided. Alcohol consumption will have to minimized to

the occasional drink of wine. The result is time for the throat to heal and the

reduction in the production of acid.

Damaged vocal chords are a more serious matter that may need surgery. Growths

like little polyps can result in a raspy voice and pain during speech. Only

with a proper medical examination can this be properly diagnosed. Note – it is

important to get a doctor’s immediate opinion if your vocal chords continue to

hurt passed three days and your voice is getting no better. The critical thing

is to do damage control before the situation worsens. The wait for surgery may

be so long that the surgery may only cause further damage.

The condition of acid reflux is common. It can be resolved, but there is no

known cure. Diet and medication can help. Damage to the voice does need

medical intervention before permanent damage occurs. Remember that only your

doctor is qualified to make the diagnosis and prescribe remedies that will help.

Source by Jill Seimer

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