Backpacker’s Shigella Infection best remedies

Today I want to share some of the leading shigella symptoms, how someone gets it and 2 ideas to kill this bacterial infection.

I used to do some backpacking when I lived in Oregon of the United States and even did a part of the Pacific Trail Crest Trail. Do you know what one of the most important things I was told from other hikers was?

Clean my hands with something to kill the bacteria a lot, especially after I use the restroom or before I eat food.

The last thing you want when hiking is diarrhea and that is one of the symptoms of shigella. Shigella is a bacterial infection that really only affects humans. It usually takes between 1-3 days before someone is exposed to the bacteria before symptoms begin to show, but can take up to a week.

So diarrhea is a symptom, there could be vomiting, a fever, blood, puss or mucus in the stools. In fact just looking at your stools can give you a lot of information on your health. I even heard a theory that doctors of the future will be our toilets. Do you think doctors will be replaced by technology one day?

Shigella usually comes from human feces and can be found in water. If you go swimming in a lake don’t swallow any water. It could even be carried on the legs of flies and when it lands on your food contaminate it. The bad news is that it only takes a tiny amount of this bacteria to get you sick.

If you have these symptoms let’s talk about how to kill shigella quickly, so you feel better.

When it comes to killing off harmful bacteria what is the number 1 solution that comes to your mind? Probably antibiotics right? What a lot of people don’t know about antibiotics is that they can kill off healthy bacteria in your digestive system. Plus some bacteria are resistant to them, due to antibiotics being abused by some people.

This is why herbal medicine which have anti-bacterial abilities are a great idea. One herb that is great for killing harmful bacteria is garlic. Researchers from Washington State University discovered that a compound found in garlic was 100 times more effective than antibiotics at killing Campylobacter, which causes many people in the United States to get sick from food poisoning.

Another idea is apple cider vinegar. Studies published in the United States National Library of Medicine have shown that the combined use of vinegar and sodium chloride, which is salt was found to be extremely effective for the prevention of bacterial food poisoning.

Source by Kevin Whitsitt

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