COVID-19 A Transformation

When the world is facing the pandemic of CoViD19, life seems to be in topsy-turvy. However, despite the panic, terror, uncertainty, and despair there appears to be a ray of hope among the people and that shaft of light illuminates itself in the form of a positive attitude adopted by all of us.

In the “pre- corona scenario”, every one of us was living in a shell of their ego and arrogance. We were part of a race leading towards materialistic gains. We became indifferent to the agony and suffering of others.  Instead of “Human Beings”, we transformed ourselves into “Mean Beings”. We forgot to nourish our spiritual energy. The energy that boost our mind and soul, thus enriching them in the most desirable manner. And that is when our miseries started.

Ever since the breakout of this Corona virus, a complete transformation is evident in the behavior and demeanor of most of us. Religious leaders, motivational speakers, social activists and reformers preached this transformation for several years, Corona taught them in a month. We have become altruistic, empathetic, patient and humble.

This is the moment to ponder upon. Being a civilized nation, we are required to behave towards others most positively and decently. To make things come back to normal, to make us free from the chains of arrogance and pride, the healing hand of Nature overcast the Universe with the clouds of COVID-19. This is how the purification of our mind and body commemorates.

The process of healing is in progress in ” during the COVID-19 period”, resulting in a positive change in the attitude and behavior of most of us. The long-forgotten values of helping and caring for others have retrieved. All of us are desperate to play our role in supporting others.

Do the questions arise, we need pandemics to modify spiritually? Can’t we remain steadfast without dropping our human qualities? Let’s take the pledge to make our lives aligned with the ways of Nature and refrain from plunging into the ocean of superficial life where the waves of spiritual and moral disaster engulf us easily. I wish we stick to this phase of positivity and transformation in the “post-COVID-19 phase” as well.

Source by Naheed Haq

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