Fibromyalgia, a Slient Disorder That Screams

I had a difficult time explaining my new diagnosis of Fibromyalgia I had acquired to my husband and family, I had a hard time understanding it myself. There is a wide spread of symptoms that often change. They randomly come and go. There is almost constant discomfort. It “screams” for attention.

For me, the main symptoms begin with a general, daily, achy feeling over most of my body often affected by the weather. I also experience a deep tiredness that takes hours from which to recover. There are eleven to eighteen tender points on the front and back of the body common to all Fibromyalgia patients. (I have seventeen). These tender areas feel like bruising. I cry out if the masseuse gets too close to these areas.

In addition there can be an inability to process difficult concepts, memory impairment, headaches, toothaches as well as an inability to get a full nights sleep. Doctors tell me Fibromyalgia is a misfiring of signals to my brain telling my body there is pain. There is no medical reason I am feeling this way but it is real to me.

I feel embarrassed to have to leave a party early because I feel overly tired. Very few people understand Fibromyalgia. It’s one of those silent disorders. I don’t look like anything is wrong with me.

I can only work in 40 minute cycles before I am exhausted and then need to recover for two to three hours before I can do more things. Getting groceries is one of my harder chores. It takes all my energy just to walk through the store. I often ask for help at the checkout to load my bags in the cart, push the cart to my car and then load the car. When I get home, my husband brings the bags in and puts away the cold things. I rest a while and then put away the rest of the groceries as I am able. I usually get very dehydrated while shopping so having water readily available helps me feel better.

I’ve decided to not take prescription drugs. I don’t like the risks that are whispered at the end of the TV drug commercials. I do take a good mix of daily supplements. A massage and the chiropractor temporarily help as does stretching. Long warm showers and heating pads are very helpful. I typically take two Tylenol before bedtime. Once or twice a week I can sleep seven hours. Some nights, I wake up with pain in my legs that keeps me awake.

This disorder cannot be cured, only managed. What keeps me from screaming or falling into depression is identifying Fibromyalgia as a gift. I call upon my dear Creator and Saviour daily. I am forced to do everything I do in moderation. I need to make myself stop what I am doing and take a rest. My husband is a great help to me. While the world rushes by, I can and must take my time to stop to smell the roses and that is not a bad thing.

Source by Penny Halder

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