2012 Yearly Calendar With Holidays – Mayan Calendar

Anxiety prevails in the 2012 yearly calendar. The thought of the world destruction has touched all souls. There are debates, controversies, theories regarding the 2012 yearly calendar. The Mayan fact says that there is no time beyond December 2012. On the other hand scientists are proving their point to show that there is time beyond December 2012. So, the conclusion is difficult to draw. Rather it is better to wait till December 2012 to see what exactly will happen. Actually the calendar of 2012 does show a date as World Destruction Day. Some say this to be a rumor while other says that ancient scripture has mentioned the World destruction day. The yearly calendar will be available as online calendars, wall calendars and table calendars. Let us focus on the year 2012 without taking into consideration, 21 December 2012.

There are few important dates in 2012 which are worth mentioning:

  1. January: The first Winter Youth Olympics will be held.

  2. February: There will a Celebration of Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

  3. May: Annular Solar Eclipse fall in May 2012.

  4. June: Solar Transit of Venus of this century will happen in June 2012. The next similar event will happen in 2117 and 2125.

  5. August: The Closing ceremony of Summer Olympics will be held in August 2012.

  6. November: Total Solar Eclipse

Holidays in the 2012 yearly calendar.

  • Jan 2 New Year’s Day’ observed

  • Jan 16 Martin Luther King Day

  • Feb 14 Valentine’s Day

  • Feb 20 Presidents’ Day

  • Apr 8 Easter Sunday

  • May 13 Mother’s Day

  • May 28 Memorial Day

  • Jun 17 Father’s Day

  • Jul 4 Independence Day

  • September 3 Labor Day

  • Oct 8 Columbus Day (Most regions)

  • Oct 31 Halloween

  • Nov 6 Election Day

  • Nov 11 Veterans Day

  • Nov 12 Veterans Day’ observed

  • Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day

  • Nov 23 Black Friday

  • Dec 25 Christmas Day

The Zodiac prediction of 2012

  • Aries: The year 2012 will prove to be the most energetic year for the Aries. Have a disciplined plan for 2012.

  • Taurus: You are expected to see both ups and downs in 2012. Advice is not to get carried over by the mixed bag of goods and bad in 2012.

  • Gemini: The career related goals are likely to be achieved in 2012. A dynamic and excited year can be expected.

  • Cancer: The first quarter will be uneventful but you can expect enough events in the later part of the year. The most challenging year for this zodiac sign.

  • Leo: There can be few ailments in 2012. Setbacks will be faced by this zodiac in 2012.

  • Virgo: An interesting and promising year waits in 2012. All plans are expected to be fulfilled.

  • Libra: The year 2012 will be dominated by Venus and Neptune. So, you can expect success at home and office too. The last quarter will give you the most memorable days of your life.

  • Scorpio: 2012 will be the most eventful and memorable year. Handle happiness in a smart way to get double returns.

  • Sagittarius: Few strong beliefs and commitments will be fulfilled. Disappointments cannot let you down in 2012.

  • Capricorn: 2012 will bring contentment, happiness and encouragement

  • Aquarius: The year 2012 is the great year for this zodiac sign. Hence, success will follow you.

  • Pieces: A pleasant year for this zodiac sign.

Other views on 2012

There are many controversies with the year 2012. The year is marked as the end of time by the Mayan culture. Though, the Hindu scriptures depict a different picture. As per the Hindu culture, Lord Krishna marked this time as the end of Kali Yuga and he said that the Golden Age will come at the end of the same era. We can experience the Golden Age in 2012. The other view of the Mayan culture also says that the year 2012 will be the Golden Age. What surprises is the fact that the Mayan culture and the Hindu culture did not have any connection in between.

The Chinese culture has symbolized the year 2012 as the year of the Dragon. In this culture the dragon is considered auspicious unlike the western culture. So we are in front of dual thinking. The year can be a Golden Age, it can be auspicious again it can be the end of the world.

Scientists and scholars are researching on the topic but time will prove if 2012 can mark the end of time.

Zodiac role in 2012

The moon lies in the seventh place and Jupiter is in an alignment with Mars. The sign Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and the symbol represents water. As per astrology the year 2012 is the year for Aquarius zodiac. So, we can hope for the best to happen in 2012 and let us not panic if the year will bring an end to all existence.

The reason behind the anxiety of 2012

The 2012 yearly calendar has not marked the end of the world yet. But many believe that the end is not too far. There are few specific reasons for the same:

The believer of this theory says that the pole shift, geomagnetic reversal or the solar storm will destroy the world

On the contrary the oppositions say that these things like pole shift, geomagnetic reversal or the solar storm will not happen and they cannot destroy the world.

The anxiety will remain and we have to wait till December 2012 to see what exactly follows.

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