From Gifts To Greatness: 7 Secrets Maximize Success

We all having certain gifts with which we have been endowed by our Creator. Some use theirs more than others.

To maximize personal success there are certain principles one must follow in order to discover, unlock and utilize their gifts.

Here are 7 Secrets for Moving in Your Gifts unto Greatness

1. Discover your gifts. The best way to discover your personal gifting is to do what you are most passionate about. Regardless of whether you think it is financially profitable or not, what is it that you most love doing? If you were already a millionaire by birth and did not have to work for payment, what would you do everyday with your time? Therein your purpose is found and most likely your gifting.

What are you most passionate about? What do you enjoy doing most? What hobbies do you find most engaging? When do you feel like you are living the most? What types of people do you tend to admire most? What is their gifting? Yours perhaps is something similar.

What angers and infuriates you? Often what angers us and makes our blood boil is a sign to our calling and road to manifest our gifting.

2. Unashamedly acknowledge your gift(s). Whatever your gift may be, celebrate your uniqueness and inate gifting. Perhaps the gift you possess is so common to you that you haven’t adequately honored it. Others usually notice and comment on our gift before we do. Be aware of what others close to you are saying about you.

What have you always easily excelled in or done without effort? Do you enjoy it? If so, there is a good possibility this is a strong gifting you possess.

Colonel Sanders acknowledged his gift to make fried chicken and made a multi-million dollar franchise out of it. Today there are KFC’s on several continents. It all began in Kentucky, a place most never make it to. It began because someone did not despise his gift but wholeheartedly used it to serve others.

3. Honor and Develop Your Gifts.

Though others may not value your gift, you need to honor and give place to it. Utilize and work your gift every chance you get. By reason of use your gift will be further polished and your skill set improved.

The more you do something, the better you get at it. Find a place and people that will make room for your gift. Seek people and places that will provide you opportunity to use your gift.

Working your gift means continually using and improving upon it. You don’t become a Picasso overnight. Picasso painted many canvasses before he reached a level of expertise and fame.

Aspiring doctors go to medical school. Those gifted with legal minds attend law school before becoming lawyers. Phenomenal chefs begin in the kitchen sampling and preparing dishes like everyone else before they discover their signature dish.

4. Model the Best

Once you have discovered and begun to use your gifts, find mentors to model. Locate the best in your desirable field.

If you aspire to be a national spokesperson, listen to other orators who excel in giving speeches. If being an influential politician is your heart’s desire, study successful politicians throughout time. Read their biographies. Study their decisions throughout their administrations. Imagine what you would do had you been in their shoes at each crucial time of decision.

Perhaps you dream to be an olympic athlete. Find the most successful athletes in your sport and train with them. Many Olympic sprinters in the Caribbean train together and are friends. Though they compete against one another in the Olympics (representing their respective nations), they train together during off season.

5. Break the Mold

Don’t try to be like everybody else. Sometimes moving in your gift may make you feel like a fish out of water. I recall the movie cool runnings when Jamaicans entered the winter Olympics to do the bobsled. Initially it seemed that these guys were way out of their element. Yet by reason of desire and continual practice they mastered the needed skills to participate in the winter games.

Never let others intimidate you. Instead of being intimated choose to be motivated. Be yourself. Be bold! Break the mold.

Niel Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. I am sure he had many friends telling him he was crazy and that such a thing could not be done. Perhaps some of his own family members tried to discourage him.

For decades a four minute mile was thought to be impossible to run. Nevertheless nowadays it is quite commonplace among distance runners. Yet somebody had to break the mold and do the “impossible.” Nothing is impossible when you believe!

Dare to do something different. Fed Ex, Google, Apple Computer Company and Home Depot are just a few examples of companies birthed by fiery entrepreneurs with nothing initially but a dream in their hearts.

What could you do if you would believe in yourself, move in your gifts and launch out into the unknown to do something different?

6.Take Risks

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No guts, no glory! If you’re not bold, your story will never be told. If you don’t take chances, you won’t make advances.

Now is the time to take calculated risks. Once you have mastered your gifting and know what direction you are to move, go for it with a vengeance. Fear not! Believe in yourself.

Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Records, took many risks when launching his business ventures. In his book, “Screw It, Let’s Do It!” he mentions several of his bold moves that others criticized. Yet today he is a billionaire.

The Chinese symbol for problem and opportunity are the same. What seems problematic to most can be an opportunity waiting to happen when you move in your gifting.

7. Collaborate with Other Gifted People

Some things don’t occur unless you partner with others. Most of the companies I mentioned in # 5 were birthed by more than one person. Usually there is always a dream team in place before something magnificent is birthed. None of us are as strong as all of us.

Even pregnant women in labor needs a mid-wife to cheerlead and assist. Sometimes that may be in the form of a nurse or doctor. Nevertheless rarely is something birthed alone without the help of others.

Teamwork causes everybody to achieve more. No babies were ever born simply because a woman wanted a child. It takes the coming together of a man and woman.

Likewise for you to fulfill your dreams, you most likely will need to bring your gifts into some form of cooperation with other similarly gifted people. Maybe their gifts will slightly differ from yours, while you all embrace the same passion. By combining multiple gifts you can get exponentially greater results.

No championship athletic team ever won a championship based on merely the performance of one. It is a combined effort. So be alert and discern with whom you want to connect and collaborate for maximum results.

As you move in your gifts, you shall see magnificent miracles occur in your life!

Source by Paul Davis

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