Shorty Wetsuits – Style and Substance When Surfing or Swimming

The Shorty wetsuit is exactly what it says it is, a wetsuit that is shorter than the more common full body wetsuit. Typically, it’s the sleeves of the arms and the legs that are cut shorter and as well as looking really stylish, the “shorty” can also be somewhat cooler to wear and so is ideal for summer months and warmer waters.

If you are in the market for a wetsuit, then it’s quite likely that you are already pursuing some kind water sport, such as surfing, wakeboarding or perhaps snorkelling or diving, in which case you probably already have a good idea of what kind of wetsuit will suit your particular requirements. However, perhaps you are new to a sport or a pursuit or have even been inspired by events like the Triathlon at the Olympics and this is your first foray into the world of wetsuits.

When choosing which wetsuit to buy, there are some basics worth following before you get into some of the more complex issues that might make a difference during competition.

So, if you are heading into town to buy a wetsuit or looking to buy online at one of the many wetsuit specialists, here are just a few basic things to consider.

1. Location and Season – This is all about water temperature and this will vary, not only throughout the seasons but also throughout the world. Summer in the northern hemisphere is winter somewhere else and vice versa. You can find detailed information online about water temperatures and the kind of gear most suitable. Shorty wetsuits are obviously better suited to the summer and areas of the world were water temperature is warm.

2. Size – Once you know what kind of suit you are looking for, the next most important issue to tackle is the size and fit. There is no point heading out to the waves in something that simply doesn’t fit! In order for a wetsuit to work properly, it needs to be pretty tight and to hug your body, so that the material can do the job of keeping the warmth in. However, you do actually need to be able to get into the suit, so being too small is not good either. There are lots of different sizes for men, women and children, so choose carefully.

3. Quality – There are many different brands and many different price ranges available, but if you are to take your sport seriously, its well worth choosing something that has high quality neoprene and comes highly recommended. Reading customer reviews will certainly help with your decision making.

So, whether you are choosing a “shorty” wetsuit for the summer or a full body wetsuit for the winter, there is plenty to consider as you make your choices.

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