Zigmunt Kelevitz – Olympian and Daylesford Personality

Zigmunt Kelevitz ( Ziggy ) is a well known character around the spa town of Daylesford Victoria. Many people know him as the owner and proprietor of the Albert on Camp and The Mills Daylesford, but there is a lot more to the story.

Ziggy was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1954. His parents immigrated to Australia when he was just 2 years old, almost by chance. They originally meant to go to America, to escape the troubles of Eastern Europe, but the ship to Australia was going earlier and that was the decision made. The family first stayed in Townsville, Queensland then later made their way down to Victoria and settled in Geelong.

At 9 years old he discovered wrestling. It was in this sport he was destined to excel. He has been Australia’s most successful wrestler to date. Over the years training with the Australian National Team, he was to win the national title 17 times! His training took him all over the world, he competed and trained all over America, Europe and Asia. He wrestled in the Olympics, Montreal in 1976, Moscow in 1980 and Los Angeles in 1984, where he placed 5th.

It was in the Commonwealth Games that Ziggy had his greatest successes. With silver medals in both Brisbane and Edinburgh and winning the gold medal in the Edmonton Games in 1978. To this date no other Australian wrestler has won a medal in the Commonwealth Games.

His life outside sport has also been filled with success. He is a father of 3 children and has trained in carpet laying. As a businessman, Ziggy has spent a lot of time in Victoria’s Spa Region he operated a 2nd hand dealership in Trentham, an antique shop The Daylesford Bazaar, held the cleaning contract at the Hepburn Springs Spa Complex and currently runs two successful hospitality businesses. The Albert on Camp is a guesthouse which Ziggy has restored from the original Albert Hotel, which was gutted by fire. The property retains much of it’s original character, as Ziggy has faithfully decorated the guesthouse back to it’s former style. The Mills Daylesford is his other property which is adjacent to the Albert, these are a series of self contained studio apartments, with spas and modern fittings.

Although he is very well known around the town of Daylesford, it is mostly for his winning personality and his ever friendly and positive outlook, often when meeting him it is hard to believe that he has achieved so much and has retained his humility and good humour. Ziggy is a true champion in all walks of life.

Source by Doug Meijer

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