Does the Catholic Church Now Recognize Alien Life Forms Exist?

Father Gabriel Fumes is the Vatican’s chief astronomer, and advisors the current pope on astronomical matters. This may sound an ordinary occurrence, except recently he has stated “intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.” Has the Catholic Church admitted Alien life forms exist?

Father Fumes, is in charge of the Vatican observatory, and travels around the world meeting scholars who are experts in the field of astronomy, linking a Church known for its Spiritual beliefs, with the scientific community.

The fact that he was the one representative who has admitted in an article he wrote for the Churches newspaper, “The Astronomer,” under the title, “Aliens Are Our Brothers,” has created a minor shock in a church known for its traditional views on religion, and persecution of astronomers in the past.

Few scholars who know Father Fumes are surprised, for decades proof of alien life has been discovered on Mars,- tiny creatures that are rather like insects, to obviously non-natural structures on the planets many of these scholars watch – including a recent “unnatural” structure on an asteroid, its photograph released by NASA.

What may surprise many people is that the Catholic Church have expanded their connections with the Italian Space Agency, and this is further unstated proof that Catholic leaders are becoming suddenly interested in our Universe.

The Vatican also is home to a wealth of ancient artifacts and scribes from the earliest days of the Church, and the Roman Empire to the present day. Many of these records date back to the era of conquest in South America, which may hold secrets of the pre-Columbus empires in this region.

These records alone which span for more than 4.000 years old, are one our world’s closest guarded secrets, and few people inside the Vatican are allowed access to them, except church leaders like Father Fumes.

Perhaps these historic records may of influenced Father Gabriel Fumes, to make the statement that alien life exists. And we can just wonder, why the Church has a sudden interest in our Universe, and Alien life forms?

Source by Mark W. Medley

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