Girl Getaways: Savannah

I have always had a sweet spot for Savannah. The name alone conjures up a slower pace to enjoy life. A couple of years ago, my husband surprised me by inviting some of our friends to take a day trip to Savannah. Reminiscing about it made me think how much fun it would be to go again with some of my girlfriends. Here’s a short weekend getaway itinerary that anyone can follow as a guide!

While Savannah has a lot to offer and what you and the group end up doing ultimately depends on what you all want and your interests. You can enjoy the typical girlfriend getaway activities, but if you’re more adventurous you can all go down the less traveled path. For example, take some pictures in front of the Savannah Gas Company Globe. Originally built in the 1950s, it has since been repainted to represent the view from outer space. There’s also the option of taking your picture with Savannah’s “Waving Girl”. This statue along the riverside memorializes Florence Martus, the woman that welcomed ships with a wave for almost forty-four years!

If you are foodies, Savannah has great food tours and cooking classes. The Savor Savanah Foodie Tour through Edible Destinations by Epitourean is a great one to choose for such an activity! If you don’t want a foodie tour all mapped out for you, go ahead and make your own list of places to check out during your stay. If you go without a list, just ask the hotel concierge or the locals where they would recommend that’s not very touristy.

The City Market is another attraction that really shouldn’t be missed. It’s been a cornerstone of the city since it began in the early 1700s. You and your friends can either walk to it include it in a hop-on hop-off trolley tour. Speaking of tours, there are many besides foodie ones that you can experience with your group. There’s one tat let’s you explore the historic taverns of Savannah. Any film lovers or movie buffs in the group? There’s a movie tour of the city’s historical district too!

While this is certainly an extremely short list of ideas, it can also be just enough to whet your appetite to share this destination with your friends one weekend! It’s also the type of destination where you can go repeatedly with your friends and your family.

Source by Sabrina Toth

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