Mars Landscape and NASA Rover

Can you believe the awesome photos coming from our Mars Rover on the surface of our neighboring Red Planet, spectacular indeed. Do we fully understand what we are truly looking at when we see these images?

Shouldn’t we use the study of patterns of erosion to help us explain what we see when our Unmanned Robotic Probes send us brilliant pictures back of other Worlds? Should we use these methodologies to tell us of previous events, first events and ancient cataclysmic events, which originally shaped all that we see and know?

It is fascinating that Stephen Wolfram notes so many patterns in his work yet fails to identify patterns of erosion as one of nature’s designs? Why was he looking here? Was he able to prove his hypothesis with these patterns of erosion, if so why? And why did no one else see it and if they did why didn’t they say it. Are we busy looking to a simplistic formula in the creation of the first event that we failed to recognize the obviousness of interacting patterns upon one another? Yet the most simple designer of such programs found it for us?

For instance erosion is a factor of plate tectonics to build the mountains, weather patterns over many different cycles, so on first glance it may appear that no two patterns of erosion on our landscape are the same, yet how can we be so sure they did not come from an original equation set in motion, which presently we are observing as just another pattern of nature. I submit to you that these questions and the obvious patterns of erosion are not only worthy of thought and scientific debate, but the inherent secrets which will be revealed will be worth their weight in research funding.

If you have had thoughts on the patterns of erosion or similar patterns in nature or of the photos being brought back by our unmanned probes though out our solar system of landscapes of moons and planets, then keep thinking there.

Source by Lance Winslow

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