Shaman, Crystals, and Stones

In keeping with the shamanic belief that all things are alive, it is to be expected crystals and stones would be used in their shamanic healing processes. A crystal or stone is a vibrating mass of atoms as are all substances. They are formed within the earth and have taken thousands of years to form. They may come from outer space. Moldavite is an example. Crystals and healing stones have been found at ancient burial sites around the world. Crystals, specifically quartz crystals, have been found in 8,000 year old burial sites in California. Crystal power, like those of the Spirit World, is not to be taken lightly.

Crystals have power of amplification and transformation as well as physical and emotional healing. Joti Gore, the Naked Shaman, says there are “two principles when working the crystals, meditation, and respect.” One doesn’t just pick up a crystal and say heal. It doesn’t work that way. A shaman has carefully selected the crystals he uses. He has held them in his hands, sensed their energy or lack there of. He has felt their vibration. He has chosen a crystal based on his intent, that is, what is the reason he is considering it. He most likely has meditated prior to his selection.

The crystals are cleansed before being used and are cleansed after each use. Crystals are then programmed for their specific use. Once an issue has been identified, the patient may have crystals and other healing stones placed around his or her body. They may be placed on the body. Generally, if the stones are heated, they are placed around the body and not directly on it. If heated stones are called for, they are placed on a variety of wet herbs and their steam is smudged over the patient.

During the placement of the crystals or stones, the shaman may chant a prayer in which he asks for the crystals to use their power and energy to help heal his patient. Crystal Healer, Ashley Dalke says “crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine in which subtle energy given off by a crystal is used to treat the body.”

Different crystals have unique purpose and use. Michael Harner in his The Way of the Shaman writes, “while there is potentially an almost infinite variety of power objects, there is one particular kind that is regularly found in the keeping of shamans. This is the quartz crystal.” Clear quartz is considered to be a very powerful crystal with significant healing qualities. Goldstone is used to relieve stomach stress and Labradorite is used for healing old memories, including past life issues. In this situation, the shaman has traveled to another realm to seek what the past life issues are. Ocean Jasper is excellent to use for restorative tissue deterioration of internal organs.

As with any treatment, it is always best to check with your personal physician before launching into an alternative approach to your health.

Norman W Wilson, PhD

Source by Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D

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