The Aura: The Human Atmosphere

We hear the word aura, like this person has a good aura, but do we really know what it actually is? And if we know about the aura, is that something important for us?

In February 2013, north Russia was hit by meteorites from outer space. The damage caused the death of many people and the loss of some properties. The potential damage was greatly minimized because of the earth’s atmosphere. Like the earth’s atmosphere, we humans have our atmosphere which is called the aura. The similarities between the two are obvious: The earth’s atmosphere is the shield that protects our planet from foreign objects. Everyday meteoroids enter the Earth’s atmosphere. These are pieces of rock that are traveling through space. When they reach the atmosphere, most of them burn up due to the friction of the air. The ones that don’t completely burn up reach the surface of the earth in a much smaller form. When they reach the earth we call them meteorites. The atmosphere consists of 5 main layers, and it is 300 miles thick.

The human aura is also like a personal shield to the person. It can protect the person from negative energy. It consists of 7 layers and usually is 2-3 foot thick. Scientists believe that without our planet atmosphere, life on earth would be impossible. Many experts think that without a healthy aura, our emotional life would be intolerable.

This means that as we need the atmosphere of the earth, we equally need a healthy aura to be our human atmosphere.

The human aura has become a very well studied subject. This field of knowledge is now interrelated with other topics such as: healing, spiritual enlightenment, health, human energy, color therapy, meditation, yoga, and consciousness.

The aura is particularly related and connected with the concept of energy. The aura and energy are similar in many ways and sometimes it is not easy to differentiate between them. When talking about the human aura, we also need to refer to Chakras and the Meridian system, which are part of the human energy. The aura is in a way a type of energy, and this is why we have positive and negative aura. It is like the chi (for Chinese) and the prana (for Indians) that develops to make a human shield. Because of many factors and influences – both internal and external-, the energy of the person grows and develops until it takes the permanent form of a shield or as it is called the human atmosphere. That shield or atmosphere will determine the personality and energy of the person. Every individual has his/her unique aura. The aura of that person is shaped by many factors. Some people have negative aura while others have positive aura. With our current knowledge and science, we can change our aura if we need to. This subject about the aura, has become a major focus and interest for psychic science today. Studying the nature of the human aura is now conceived as important for knowing different kinds of awareness and consciousness. Some scholars believe that positive aura is the doorway to better enlightenment.

2- What is The Aura?

The Webster Dictionary defines aura as “a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source” “a luminous radiation.” You are the “given source” and your aura is “a luminous radiation.”

In his book, the Human Aura, Dr. Douglas Baker said that aura is an energy unit made up of very refined matter, and it forms a sort of cloud… interpenetrating our bodies. Dr. Barbara Brennan, on the other hand, described it as “a field of energy that surrounds each of us, is a distilled reflection of everything we think, feel and are.” In addition, Joe H. Slate, Ph.D. explained in his book Aura Energy, that aura is the manifestation of the sum and substance of our existence as an endless life force in the universe.

The aura is an electromagnetic energy that surrounds living things such as humans, animals, plants as well as inanimate things such as rocks, and man-made objects. This means the aura is not restricted to us the humans. This definition includes also other objects of the universe such as the earth, the sun, the moon and all planets. When the aura surrounds a planet like the earth, we call it the atmosphere. Whether the aura is for humans or non-humans, it consists of different vibrations or frequencies. This is why we are affected by different energies originating from different sources. Our energy systems as humans are connected with all energies in the universe. It is no secret that when the moon is full, we are influenced by its energy. The sun or even the stars have their subtle effects on all of us.

Any object who has atoms must have an aura. This energy field which can be detected and measured by modern scientific devices can also be called in scientific terms as radiation.

When we talk about the human aura, we refer to the energy field or particles of energy around a living human body which has the shape of an egg. The human aura formulates as a cloud surrounding the body from all sides, a cloud which has an oval shape like a large egg. In psychic language, it is called the halo. The word “Aura” originates from Latin as air, which originally came from Greek word as breeze or breath. It is very interesting to note here that the breath or air is considered by many healers, therapists and energy experts as the main factor or source for energy, human energy! Huna of Hawaii, chi kong of China and Yoga of India, as well as other techniques, all put a lot of emphasis on breathing patterns for generating and using energy. Dr. Bandler even claims that to model a genius, we have to model his/her breathing pattern.

The human aura as we know it now, consists of 7 layers of energy, each layer has its own color and its own frequency. It is interesting to know that each layer is related to each of the 7 chakras, and each layer color is related to each of the 7 colors of the rainbow!

The aura would look like a field of light, a cloud of light surrounding the person, and this light emits out from this body about 2-3 feet, on average, on all sides. The thickness of this cloud of light can be between 2 inches – 3 feet, depending on how healthy is that aura. Persons with negative or ill aura can have 2 inches aura while healthy persons can enjoy 2-3 feet and more.

We have aura all the time: we walk with it, we sleep with it and we simply live with or by it. We now know that the aura can be influenced by many factors such as: our emotions, physical activity, mental activity and also by sound vibrations. Since it is a form of electromagnetic energy, that means it is also vulnerable to other electromagnetic sources, whether from humans or non-humans. Aura is therefore, a reflection of the electromagnetic picture of a person, showing what the person is actually is. Some experts note that the aura is also the spiritual reflection of a person, showing the nature of his/her personality.

The aura is in short, your hidden self. It is a reflection of your personality, identity and body. This is why there are no two auras alike. In this sense, they are like your fingerprints.

A healthy person has a bigger aura, meaning its thickness is more than one foot, and has brighter colors. A healthy aura can act like a shield against negative auras and negative energies. Positive aura is important for attracting other positive energies in our body. Therefore, aura is sometimes called the “psychic ” or “magnetic atmosphere”.

The aura of the person is never stable because it is always affected by many influences & factors.

The human aura is both the energy field of the person and in the same time the reflection of energy within the body of that person. It also reflects any disease of that person, long time before the manifestations of its symptoms.

Source by Malek Moqaddam

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