both people and pets need homes

The U.S. is currently under a temporary nationwide eviction moratorium that stops landlords from evicting roughly 43 million rental households if tenants can’t afford to pay rent due to the COVID-19 crisis. The moratorium was recently extended until the end of January — which is a compassionate step — but once it expires, the considerable impact on evicted renters may be exponentially more tragic if they own animals. Compounding this crisis is the rising number of pet-owning homeowners facing foreclosure.

Though pets are incredible sources of love and companionship in our lives — and bring more comfort than ever during these stressful times — they are very vulnerable to separation if their owners are evicted, and having pets can represent a significant challenge to finding affordable housing. Pets are also often not allowed in temporary shelters and government-subsidized housing, forcing dedicated owners to make unbearable choices.

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