COVID-19 vaccine, Alex Padilla, Fauci, Walmart, iguana: Tuesday’s news

More Americans are willing to get a COVID-19 vaccine. This year has been the deadliest in U.S. history. And somewhere in Florida, an iguana is falling from the sky. 

It’s Ashley. Let’s do the news thing.   

But first, ma’am, this is an airport: It’s not every day you see a plane’s emergency slide in use. It’s even less often you see two passengers use it to slide out of a plane with their dog

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You ready for this vaccine, America?

Are you planning to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when you can? Americans are starting to warm up to the idea now that two vaccines have been authorized by the FDA and health care workers have begun receiving the shots (shout out to Anthony Fauci, who gave two thumbs-up after being vaccinated Tuesday). In a new USA TODAY poll, 46% of respondents say they will take the vaccine as soon as they can. That’s almost double the 26% in a USA TODAY poll in late October. That growing acceptance is a reassuring sign for public health experts who call distribution of the vaccine crucial to controlling the pandemic that has killed more than 321,000 people in the USA. 

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