How Democrats can win a majority from the Republicans

WASHINGTON — The chances of Democrats flipping enough seats to take control of the Senate appeared to be dwindling early Wednesday as Republicans fended off challenges in a number of key races.

Democrats need at least three wins — four if former Vice President Joe Biden does not win the presidential race — to take control of the chamber. But Republicans came out on top in several battleground states, offering some relief to conservatives worried the COVID-19 crisis and economic contraction that followed President Donald Trump’s management of the pandemic could mean them losing power in the chamber. 

Two Democratic wins came out West.

In Colorado, the state’s former governor, John Hickenlooper, defeated incumbent Republican Sen. Cory Gardner.

And in Arizona, Democratic challenger Mark Kellydefeated Republican Sen. Martha McSally. A win for Kelly, a retired astronaut and husband of former Rep. Gabby Giffords, was critical for Democrats. 

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