Robert DuBoise, wrongfully imprisoned for 37 years, attends NFL game

Time and freedom, together, are essential to form a desirable human existence. The system robbed Robert DuBoise of both and left him with nothing.

For 37 years, a man spent his days in prison for a crime he did not commit. Such a tale is far too common in the United States’ current legal system. Such an experience would break any person, even the strongest. DuBoise instead repaired the very edifices that imprisoned him, while pursuing justice.

On Monday night, the Tampa, Florida, native will watch from the stands as the Buccaneers host the Los Angeles Rams, completing his journey from death row to freedom. He’ll enter the stadium as a special guest of the Bucs and walk – unsupervised, wrists unshackled, feet unbound – to his seat in Section 118, accompanied by three guests.

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